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Parent Involvement in School

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I recently attended my first 4th grade PTO meet and greet at my child’s public school. Me and myself had fun.

I wish I was joking. Sadly, I’m not.

While there were two 5th grade parents and board members of the PTO in attendance, out of the 250 or something new 4th grade students, I was the only parent who showed up.


Sure, some parents work and couldn’t make it.

Sure, some parents may have missed the numerous flyers and announcements.

Sure, some had conflicting commitments.

Sure, some can’t juggle the morning routines of multiple children and simply can’t get out.

But what about the rest?

Why aren’t parents actively involved in their children’s public education?

Many parents I’ve spoken to across the country believe parent involvement is not wanted or needed in today’s public schools.

That’s a lie.

Parent involvement is needed now more than ever. In public schools, those who rock the cradle rule the world.

Parent involvement puts pressure on public school administrators to perform, holds school teachers and administrators naturally accountable, and shapes the culture of local schools.

It’s easy for parents to share their praises, frustrations, or concerns on social media. Showing up and speaking up at PTO, school council and school board meetings, however, is the most powerful way parents can drive change.

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