Day Starters for Moms

Day Starters for MomsThere is nothing more amazing than being a mom—and also, perhaps, nothing more difficult. From the chaos of toddlerhood to the drama of middle-schoolers to the keep-you-up-at-night terror of your teenager behind the wheel, raising kids brings a new set of challenges at every stage. The only way to navigate these various seasons of life—and find time to savor the incredible joys that accompany the difficulties—is to turn to the one Parent who truly can handle it all: our Heavenly Father. In this devotional, women from all stages of life offer words of wisdom, humorous anecdotes, and helpful advice—all grounded in Biblical truth—to encourage their fellow moms on the journey. Short devotionals for busy moms, these entries gently remind us that no matter what each day holds, we can rest in the truth that ultimately our children are in His hands, and that God delights in walking this journey with us.

If you’re looking for a great devotional, check out Day Starters for Moms: 60 Devotionals to Help You Love Your Kids and Keep Your Sanity. Among the 60 devotionals, you’ll find one from yours truly.


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Nanny Training

No only trulyNannyLogo understands the joys and struggles of a professional nanny like another professional nanny. From developing a working knowledge of best childcare practices to negotiating a work agreement for a challenging position, it can be tough to balance taking care of yourself while taking care of others.

As a career and award-winning nanny, I know first-hand how important it is to continue to improve your skills and develop your knowledge base over the course of your career. That is why I am so excited as I prepare to launch my new nanny training program.

Recently I was in the television studio recording the introductory videos to each unit of the nanny curriculum. This Spring, nannies all over the world will have access to affordable, high-quality nanny training designed specifically for in-home childcare providers by industry professional. Stay-tuned for updates and registration information.

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