For Successful Public Education

Parent Involvement is Required

Parents of Public School Children

From pushing liberal agendas to indoctrinating our children, the focus of America’s public schools has moved away from simply educating our children.

You can help shift that focus back.

As a Christian family in public school, you can shine your light into one of America’s most underserved mission fields and play a key role in keeping public schools focused on academic education while winning America’s children to Christ.

Children Do Better in School When Their Parents Are Involved

  • Children with Involved Parents Do Better in School

    “Highly involved fathers and mothers almost double the odds of good things happening in their children’s education,” according to a report from the National Center for Education Statistics.

  • Parents are Becoming Less Involved in Public School

    In 2012, the proportion of parents who attended a scheduled meeting had fallen to 76 percent, and the proportion who volunteered or served on a committee had fallen to 42 percent, according to a report by Child Trends.

  • Parents Believe Their Involvement is Not Wanted

    Twenty-two percent of parents said a major reason they became less involved was because teachers don’t really want parents interfering with their classes, according to Public Agenda report.

Take an Active Part in Your Child’s Public School Education

  • Volunteer in the Classroom
  • Join the School Parent Teacher Organization
  • Ask Your Child's Teacher About Curriculum
  • Introduce Yourself to School Administrators
  • Go to Open Houses and School Events
  • Know Your Parental Rights
  • Have a Presence at the School
  • Build Relationships with Admins, Teachers, Staff and Parents

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Parent Involvement

nclpIn 2016, Michelle LaRowe Conover brought national attention to her children’s public school system when as an elected member of the local school board, she publicly challenged the Buddhist mindfulness and meditation practices being forced on her children and others.

As an active member of her community, Michelle serves on the school council, coaches youth sports, mentors at-risk youth, and journeys through the public school system alongside her children.

Read the legal memorandum written by Dean R. Broyles, Esq., President & Chief Counsel The National Center for Law & Policy. 

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